Harold Shipman

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A UK general practitioner who was convicted of killing 15 women largely with lethal injections of heroin. Some believing the number was even higher
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At the same time Dr Shipman was murdering elderly patients there with lethal injections.
Sir Simon said: "It is not a good idea to rush; it is like the response to Dr Shipman, an utterly bizarre and unpredictable event is not a good basis of policy.
"My mother thought Dr Shipman was wonderful," Kathleen Adamski said in her statement to the Shipman Inquiry.
A PANEL of health bosses was drafted in to investigate a high number of deaths at a Birmingham care home following the Dr Shipman murders, an NHS investigator said.
As regional medical officer for the North West for the past 13 years, many of the worst examples of professional malpractice have crossed my desk, including the notorious Dr Shipman.
If a doctor kills 250 of his patients there is not a single word about his religion - Dr Shipman I am talking about." Mr Perry: "...
In Merseyside the number of cases has risen slightly, to 3,100 deaths per year, since serial killer Dr Shipman took his own life after murdering more than 250 of his patients and lying about the causes of their death.
Graham Roberts and his wife Enid have been contacted by Greater Manchester Police after it emerged that Dr Shipman may have stolen pounds 10,000 worth of rings, earrings, watches and necklaces from his victims after killing them.
"Jewellery that cannot be positively identified will be returned to Dr Shipman's next of kin as required under the Police Property Act."
To Kill And Kill Again - Dr Shipman ITV, 9.00pm CLIMBING inside the mind of Dr Death makes terrifying but compulsive viewing.