Harold Shipman

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A UK general practitioner who was convicted of killing 15 women largely with lethal injections of heroin. Some believing the number was even higher
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HERE is a list of the world's most prolific modern serial killers, topped by Dr Harold Shipman, with the number of their victims.
MANCHESTER GP Dr Harold Shipman is the world's most prolific murderer outside of war with 218 proven victims.
A woman who represented prolific serial killer Dr Harold Shipman in court has been appointed as a judge in the Court of Appeal.
Dr Harold Shipman HAROLD SHIPMAN: DOCTOR DEATH ITV, 9pm IT has been 20 years since the arrest of Harold Shipman, Britain's biggest serial killer.
Roz Laws Showbiz Editor roz.laws@trinitymirror.com BIRMINGHAM actor Ian Brooker bears an uncanny resemblance to Dr Harold Shipman.
The report by ex-Court of Appeal judge Dame Janet Smith, who led the inquiry into murders by Dr Harold Shipman, will say the true number of Savile's victims will never be known.
LETTERS written by serial killer Dr Harold Shipman while he was in prison have been made public for the first time.
The draft legislation, published yesterday, follows the inquiry into serial killer Dr Harold Shipman, who went unchallenged as he murdered at least 215 patients over 25 years.
It would also allow free rein to power mad doctors such as the late Dr Harold Shipman. Has anyone considered how decent carers would feel if they had a loved one killed and then learnt that a cure had just been discovered for their disease?
Pre-tax profits totalled pounds 628,000 in the year to March 31 after Ten Alps produced documentaries for TV such as To Kill And Kill Again, about murderer Dr Harold Shipman.