Louis, French physiologist, 1811-1863. See: Doyère eminence.
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14], in a review of the genus Milnesium Doyere, 1840, concluded that Milnesium tardigradum sensu stricto can only confidently be asserted to occur in Europe, and that records from other regions must be confirmed.
tardigradum Doyere, 1840 (two specimens), Doryphoribius quadrituberculatus Kaczmarek and Michalczyk, 2004 (six specimens), Macrobiotus rubens Murray, 1907 (two specimens), Paramacrobiotus cf.
2]) (Murray, 1910) Minibiotus intermedius M, L AO(DN), BW(Mi), NA(Ma), (Plate, 1888) GT/MP(KM), WC(B,P) Milnesium tardigradum M, L AO(DN), BW(Mi), LS(Mi), Doyere, 1840 NA(Ma), CC([Mu.
As Doyere points out, the nuns of Helfta may have been aware of visual and literary representations of the Virgin thus depicted and sometimes termed Mother of Mercy (ibid.
Two species were found in a liverwort sample - Milnesium tardigradum Doyere, 1840; and Macrobiotus hibiscus de Barros, 1942.