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Cell biology The reduction of a cell’s response to a hormone or other ligand by internalizing its cognate receptor and degrading it within a coated pit; downregulation is a mechanism by which receptors respond to an excess of ligands
Genetics The decrease of a gene’s transcriptional machinery usually by a DNA-binding protein that acts on a regulatory region


Development of a refractory or tolerant state consequent on repeated administration of a pharmacologically or physiologically active substance; often accompanied by an initial decrease in affinity of receptors for the agent and a subsequent diminution in the number of receptors.
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Downregulation of HTATIP2 expression is associated with promoter methylation and poor prognosis in glioma.
The results demonstrated that ALR downregulation led to 40% decline the Bcl-2 mRNA level and a 2-fold elevation in the Bax mRNA level, relative to control cells.
The research studies on orientation mutagenesis and recombinant expression revealed that Gly16 [beta]2-AR could strengthen the down regulation effect predisposed by the [beta]2-agonist, which aroused speculation that Gly16 might be related to the downregulation of [beta]2-AR in patients with nocturnal asthma28.
8) Downregulation of the KLRC3 gene may result in abnormal NKG2E receptor expression and, consequently, abnormal NK cells function.
Since this is caused by downregulation of the SAHH enzyme (also called the AHCY enzyme), we started with time released niacin (B3).
In vitro study indicates the mechanisms of [beta]-catenin downregulation by EGCG, and in vivo study supports anti-tumorigenic activities of EGCG in a syngeneic mouse model.
Moreover, cellular protrusions including lamellipodia and filopodia were disrupted through downregulation of Racl and Cdc42 in response to A2 in MKN-28 cells.
It has been speculated that the reduction in IgE levels due to treatment with anti-IgE-IgG-antibodies may lead to a secondary downregulation of the FceRI on mast cells.
The selective downregulation of specific inflammatory cytokines may be anticipated as a new tool for understanding the human immune system and ways of treating associated diseases.
GA alone did not normalize the downregulation in SOD expression and combination with NS did not induce any effect.
123] (FPDW121-124) are part of another dimerization interface (42, 43) and are involved in MHC-I downregulation, by acting in conjunction with [P.
Arrest in the G0/G1 phase was associated with downregulation of the transcription factor E2F-1 and its target gene TS.