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John Langdon H., English physician, 1828-1896. See: Down syndrome.
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1. Fine, soft, fluffy feathers forming the first plumage of a young bird and underlying the contour feathers in certain adult birds.
2. A soft, silky, or feathery substance, such as the first growth of a human beard.
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the soft, small feathers lacking BARBULES that cover the body of a bird and aid heat retention.
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Q. Can Down syndrome occur again? A few years ago, at the age of 32 my sister gave birth to a child that was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Now, at the age of 37 she's pregnant again. Can she have another baby with Down? Does the fact she has a baby with Down means she has higher risk for a second baby with Down?

A. - Older women especially after 35 years
- Previuosly child with Down Syndrome

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Q. assessment of down syndrom

A. down syndrome is a very easy diagnosis - it just need a chromosome check and seeing 3 (instead 2) chromosomes number 21. -

Q. what does enlarged heart mean? is it linked to down syndrome? My wife is 16 weeks pregnant. we did a prenatal US and we were told that the baby hes an enlarged heart and that we are advised to do amniocentesis. A friend of mine had a baby with down syndrome, and he was toled that if they have done this procedure, the doctors could have find it on time and abort the pregnancy. Is there a clear connection between the enlarged hart and the fact that the doctor advised us to do this procedure to down syndrome?

A. Down syndrome is associated with several kinds of heart problems. those problems can cause an enlarged heart but usually it will appears as a post-natal complication.
The protocol that most obstetrics use is that if there is anything abnormal in the US there is an automatic referral to an amniocentesis procedure.
the US has a lot of false alarms, so they must check with the more accurate procedure.

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