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And third, the down low is not the cause of the black AIDS epidemic.
Wheeler explains, "We found that many of the men who called themselves down low were not sexually active with women, very few said that they were straight or heterosexual, and many did not equate the DL with having a wife or girlfriend.
Meanwhile, the link between men on the Down Low and HIV creates a state of fear, betrayal, and confusion in the minds of black women, who are now on "red alert" to avoid all relationships with men who may possibly be bisexual.
Folsom, Jacaruso and Bri Coggins all worked hard posting up down low.
The Gators like to go inside-out, those double-teams down low turning into open jumpers along the perimeter.
They're not about to break up with us, but they do seem inclined to keep their affection on the down low.
Seen equally in the mix were Scott McClarey and some down low H players, who were rumored to be TV and Zered Bassett.
This pilot tried troubleshooting a problem down low in the landing pattern close to the flattop, which is tough to do while executing the precision maneuver we call a carrier approach and landing.
Having always liked to attack from down low, we are constantly looking for ways to exploit our 1-2-2 (stack) man offense.
Whether you're pushing it up the floor like the Nuggets or muscling down low like the Jazz, the goal is the same: a title.
We're struggling to get points up front - we haven't had anyone step up down low to score points and grab rebounds," Gibbons said.
His primary role is running the offense, making sure to find JonJaques or Corey Kelly on the perimeter when they have open looks, while keeping an eye on Kieran Ramsey cutting to the basket and feeding the ball down low in the post to Alex Stepheson.