Down Regulation

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Cell biology The reduction of a cell’s response to a hormone or other ligand by internalizing its cognate receptor and degrading it within a coated pit; downregulation is a mechanism by which receptors respond to an excess of ligands
Genetics The decrease of a gene’s transcriptional machinery usually by a DNA-binding protein that acts on a regulatory region
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IL-18 expression has been recognized in monocyte-macrophage system, osteoblasts, and chondrocytes and recently in Fibroblast-Like Synoviocytes (FLS).20 IL-18 is a member of IL-1 family, which mediates it's pro-inflammatory effect and cartilage destruction by T-cell activation.21 Our study showed down regulation of IL-18 gene in RA patients when compared with controls, quantified by RT-PCR by peripheral blood samples.
In the present study regarding the correlation between staging and expression of miR-100in patients with bladder carcinoma, it was found that down regulation was seen with advanced stage of tumour.
Os autores da medida original realizaram analises exploratorias recorrendo a um conjunto de analise de componentes principais que mostraram a organizacao dos cenarios em dois fatores: reducao dos efeitos indesejaveis das emocoes negativas quando ativadas (down regulation) e aumento dos beneficios das emocoes positivas quando ativadas (up regulation).
However, troglitazone along with trigonelline treated adipocyte shows significant down regulation of PPAR[gamma] transcript level as compared with troglitazone alone treated cells (Fig.
There is an overall upregulation of MUC1 and 2 and down regulation of MUC3 4 and 5AC mucin gene expression in refluxlaryngeal mucosa.
Long-term administration of an LHRH analogue will eventually lead to down regulation of LHRH receptors, thus suppressing FSH and LH secretion.
Furthermore, upregulation of cyclins and PCNA with down regulation of p21, p53, and Gadd45 suggested that the proliferative advantage in gastric carcinomas is dependent on elevated constitutive NF-kB activity.
influenzae, to find a down regulation of genes called claudins that encode proteins key to keeping the spaces between epithelial cells tight.
Muscle fatigue with an aberrant spinal cord reflex preventing activation of golgi tendon organs in the muscle also leads to hyper-stimulation without down regulation. Other things to consider:whether you taking a statin drug; metabolic or mitochondrial myopathies (maybe some genetic variant of one of these); sickle cell trait; thyroid disease?
In a previous publication (24) we have demonstrated that the proliferative response of mononuclear cells from patients with Chagas' disease to bands of soluble, epimastigotes and trypomastigotes, antigens was poor with an important down regulation (DR) that was more frequent and intense with soluble antigens of trypomastigotes.
It has also shown in previous studies that dopamine induces down regulation of DAT and cocaine induces up regulation of DAT by changing the surface level expression.
He told the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE)annual conference in Berlin: ``The favourable outcome may be explained by a tranquillising effect which leads to stress reduction and down regulation of the autonomic nervous system.''