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Imaging adjective Referring to a targetoid lesion or radiodensity in which the central and peripheral fields are relatively more radiodense or darker that the middle field
noun The targetoid lesion or radiodensity itself
Surgery A sleeve of tissue excised after a major gastrointestinal tract resection, often of the distal colon, when a cancer extends close to the margin of the original segment
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She noted that the chain has been informing Medicare beneficiaries when they enter the doughnut hole and become eligible for a 50% discount on brand-name drugs.
In the following example, Newhouse (1993) illustrates the relevance of this distinction in the context of a In-st-dollar deductible, which can be seen as a doughnut hole Starting at $0 as applied in consumer-driven health plans in the U.
CLINICAL PSYCHIATRY NEWS: How many Medicare beneficiaries will fall into the doughnut hole this year?
The one-time $250 rebate checks will be mailed automatically to seniors' homes from Medicare when they enter the doughnut hole.
Plan members must pay 100% of their drug costs when they reach an amount between $2,250 and $5,100--the so-called doughnut hole.
Some Part D plans make the doughnut hole more manageable.
The size of this doughnut hole will grow in the future, since the basic benefit schedule is indexed to average per person drug spending, which is projected to grow at a rate of more than 8 percent annually.
explains that this doughnut hole is essentially a second deductible that beneficiaries pay under Part D drug coverage.
But there's no wrong time of day for fried cake, whether it comes in the form of frosted chocolate doughnuts or lemon-poppy seed doughnut holes.
The area, known as the Western Gap or doughnut hole, is thought to hold some deep-water reserves of crude oil and natural gas, although the amounts are uncertain.
Seniors who reach the doughnut hole will get a discount of about 50 percent on most brand-name drugs and 7 percent on generics.
A small spherical piece of dough may be cooked as a doughnut hole.