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Imaging adjective Referring to a targetoid lesion or radiodensity in which the central and peripheral fields are relatively more radiodense or darker that the middle field
noun The targetoid lesion or radiodensity itself
Surgery A sleeve of tissue excised after a major gastrointestinal tract resection, often of the distal colon, when a cancer extends close to the margin of the original segment
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will offer an array of doughnuts made from scratch, including its top-selling vanilla cream doughnut, said owner Sovannary Vong, who also owns locations in Batavia and St.
American Express (NYSE: AXP) and Delta Air Lines have announced their national #DeltaAmexPerks Dough On-The-Go tour, which will treat Delta SkyMiles American Express Card Members with complimentary doughnuts from favorite local doughnut shops across the country throughout the summer, the companies said.
Participating Dunkin Donuts retailers are giving away a free classic doughnut with the purchase of any beverage all day long.
Wacky donut shops like Hypnotic in Dallas, TX and Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR, which is probably best known for its breakfast cereal-crusted offerings and maple bacon glazed donut, have expanded locations across the country with customer lines reaching anywhere from a half an hour to an hour wait.
LIVERPOOL went nuts for doughnuts yesterday when hundreds queued for the opening of the new Dunkin' Donuts store.
2 percent rise in sales during the last 12 months*, meaning sales now represent 34 percent of total doughnut sale?
Set a chocolate glazed doughnut in the center of a large serving platter.
Make up the dough following the classic doughnut method to the end of step four, adding the lime zest and chillies to the rest of the dry ingredients in step two.
New York, June 2 ( ANI ): The 75th National Donut Day was marked on Friday, a holiday created by the Salvation Army to honour the first doughnut ever made .
THE ever popular National Doughnut Week is approaching and I would like to make a special appeal to the public to support this annual charity event from May 12-19 for the Children's Trust.
And in December, she realized her dream of opening her own retail doughnut shop.
Celebrated American doughnut specialists Krispy Kreme offered the first 25 customers free doughnuts for a year and the next 25 customers who waited patiently at Seef Mall received free doughnuts for six months.