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Imaging adjective Referring to a targetoid lesion or radiodensity in which the central and peripheral fields are relatively more radiodense or darker that the middle field
noun The targetoid lesion or radiodensity itself
Surgery A sleeve of tissue excised after a major gastrointestinal tract resection, often of the distal colon, when a cancer extends close to the margin of the original segment
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Another notable addition comes in the form of a "doughnut bar" that will allow customers to top their doughnuts with a choice of five glazes and ten toppings.
In Monsey, New York, The Ridge Steakhouse has been selling a unique savory creation: a homemade doughnut "topped with lamb bacon, maple glaze, cornflake and purple potato chip."
'I asked them if they remembered our doughnut writing, because it had been two weeks since the assignment, and they said yes,' she recalled.
THE ORIGINAL BIG ROLLOUT The first doughnut machine was invented in New York in 1920 by a man named Adolph Levitt, a refugee from Czarist Russia.
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The two most common types of doughnuts are the toroidal ring donut and the filled doughnut.