doubly labeled water

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doub·ly la·bel·ed wa·ter

(dŭb'lē lā'bĕld waw'tĕr)
Noncalorimetric technique for measuring energy expenditure in free-living subjects using an oral dose of water containingstable nonradioactive isotopes, 2H and 18O. Derived CO2 production is used to calculate energy expenditure using indirect calorimetry formulas.
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(7) Doubly-labeled water is considered the gold standard in the measurement of energy expenditure and is commonly used to validate other methods.
Use of doubly-labeled water (3HH18O) for determination of [H.sub.2]O flux and C[O.sub.2] production by a mammal in a humid environment.
C[O.sub.2] production in animals: an analysis of potential errors in the doubly-labeled water method.
Here we report results of a study of the at-sea metabolism of breeding Northern Fulmars at Shetland using the doubly-labeled water (DLW) technique.