Double Counting

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A error that occurs in meta-analysis when a population is over-represented because part of a cohort was tabulated or placed more than once in a subpopulation being analysed from a larger population
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Jo-ar Herrera, the spokesperson of the Task Force Marawi, blamed the erroneous figures that the military had previously released to double-counting of cadavers.
The study aims to avoid double-counting of dollars wherever possible.
The figures show the average daily turnover, expressed in millions of US dollars, after adjustment to avoid double-counting for the fact that transactions between reporting dealers in Spain have been reported Dy both parties to the transaction.
To avoid double-counting, they check undigested bamboo for bitemarks, which are unique, like fingerprints.
Republicans have suggested the Obama administration intended to mislead the public by double-counting the dental plans, though so far there isn't any evidence to support that claim.
Double-counting does not work, the industry has repeatedly said.
While the policy change likely impacts a limited number of transactions, AI has raised concerns about increased risk resulting from the potential double-counting of assets through two different appraisals, lender reconciliation complications and increased costs to borrowers.
These initial calculations led us to believe that we could demonstrate a five-year land supply, however recent checks highlighted a simple double-counting error, which makes it clear that supply is now less than five years.
4bn the previous year, after an adjustment to Pictet's calculation methodology aimed at eliminating double-counting.
court ruling prevented their use against non-market economies, in effect saying it was double-counting to impose them on top of anti-dumping tariffs, which are used against imports deemed to be unfairly priced.
The reason is that the EU only allows CERs to be submitted once, to avoid double-counting of emission reductions.