Double Standard

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Any socially tolerated inequality in salary, norms, and attitudes between men and women
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In an interview with Sputnik, Jacques Myard an MP from France's center-right opposition party, The Republicans, slammed Turkey's double standards on Syria, saying that Ankara acts as a dilettante when it comes to Middle East policy, Sputnik reported.
The double standard has been around, it seems, since Adam and Eve.
There is no place in public office for double standards of that magnitude.
May I suggest that the siege is in the minds of American officials and apologists for Israel who willfully persist in blaming the victim, in finding a false symmetry between occupier and occupied, in adopting a double standard on the value of human lives and rights while totally dehumanizing the Palestinians, in treating Israel as a country above the law and Palestinians as a people not worthy of the protection of the law, in manipulating and inventing a peace process that would accommodate such a racist and stereotypical version of reality rather than a reality of justice and evenhandedness, and in evading and distorting moral responsibility toward the Palestinian victims rather than celebrating the violence of the oppressor.
BJP has double standards pertaining to morality, if they are convicted by the court or some allegations have been put against them, then they are free to move around freely and not resign.
The problem is that the Aquino administration is accused of double standards in many issues and this is a major problem in the gun ban campaign," he said.
He said the discriminatory law and double standards won't work now.
This is an example of disgusting double standards because the French were fined but let off - imagine if everyone who committed crime got away with it simply because they stopped doing it," he added.
Double standards over pay and pensions between workers and executives are "devastating" for British industry, business leaders were bluntly told this week.
We've heard about double standards, but consider this: Chuck Colson went to prison for just reviewing a part of one file.
A LEADING opponent of plans to make divorce easier was accused of double standards yesterday - by his ex-wife.
Speaking in a meeting with visiting British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond in Tehran, the top Iranian lawmaker further slammed certain western governments for adopting double standards in dealing with important issues such as fighting terrorism, narcotics, human rights and foreign occupation, saying those who created Takfiri terrorism and provided arms and weapons to terror groups should now take responsibility for their wrong policies.