Double Standard

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Any socially tolerated inequality in salary, norms, and attitudes between men and women
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In this regard, he recalled that Moscow's position on Turkey is clear and that Ankara buying oil from Daesh is something that testifies to Turkey's double standards.
DOUBLE STANDARDS Yesterday Wrexham council insisted that if the warden was issuing a ticket, then it was legal to park on double yellow lines.
The same double standards that view Rod Stewart, father to eight children by five partners, as a right lad.
Double standards are also noticed with the opening of the new border-crossings which makes Serbia the number one priority once again, said Izet Zekiri from NDP.
WELL, we've certainly had some double standards lately.
North Korea accused the UN of double standards and declared that it would restart its nuclear activities on Wednesday.
The US-born Queen said "it is perverse what is taking place [support to Bashir]" but argued that it is a result of the perception of double standards in the region.
The Government should show leadership, ditch its double standards and compensate everyone who suffered from its complacency.
Wood said Chalmers' comments smacked of double standards, pointing to an incident in the last match between the two countries on British soil at Huddersfield two years ago in which Great Britain scrum-half Paul Deacon sustained life-threatening facial injuries as a result of a high tackle from Nigel Vagana.
Dear Editor, I write as a former soldier of 16 years service who says double standards in foreign policy cannot be peacefully maintained.
Duplicity, double standards, and cowardice have marked their regime.
There are double entendres and there are double standards, so I sent them my personal forty-three-hour tape from the Clinton years with footage of their own hysterical jokes about Bill and his Willy.