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A regional term for LSD
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Over 7,000 people sent photos of single and double rainbows from all over the United States and across the world.
admiring Koosah Falls, at the base of which a double rainbow had formed.
I truly sympathize with the double rainbow guy; after all, in his joyful rambling, he was just trying to express something ineffable.
Double rainbow |image captured by Welsh Black breeder Ioan Roberts, of Tryfil Isaf, Llanerchymedd, Anglesey
A double rainbow is seen near downtown Tacoma, Wash.
Examiner photographer, Andy Catchpool, captured a stunning double rainbow above the Colne Valley, while his colleague Simon Morley caught a rainbow in all its glory at Denby Dale and shafts of sunlight penetrating thick cloud over the Holme Valley.
Here are some of the best - most including the rainbow, or even a double rainbow in parts of County Durham, and a few so incredibly pink we had to show you.
The book contains photos and brief commentaries on tattoos of four leaf clovers, lucky rocks, jewels and amulets, a double rainbow, a wishbone, and the time 11:11, among other things.
The couple's first dance was Double Rainbow by Katy Perry.
32) showcased a spectacular photo of a double rainbow snapped from a helicopter over Western Australia.
This includes the video The Double Rainbow Song, which is a music video in which we see a home video recording of a literal double rainbow, underlined by the singer, repeating the words: "Double Rainbow".