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A regional term for LSD
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Nothing more happened until early this April, when Parker opened Donate Life Northwest's latest newsletter - April is designated National Donate Life Month - and saw a story about a man named Gary who died at 34 and whose mother had seen a double rainbow near the time of his death.
Coral: 1 Mollyruby (7-2) 2 Droopys Kidman (7) 3 Double Rainbow (7) 4 Mrs Barka (16) 5 Maui Hiwalani (16) 6 ShelbourneNina (4-7).
Birds of prey, forbidding mountain peaks even a glorious double rainbow brightened up my journey.
They tap their feet to doo-wop and slurp up San Francisco--made Double Rainbow ice cream and classic candies like Dots and Pez.
A "high-energy" container design is being promoted by Double Rainbow lee Cream, a specialty brand made in San Francisco that is looking for a boost in the highly competitive environment of grocery store freezers.
A brilliantly vivid double rainbow arched over the Orange Freeway and appeared to end right inside the stadium.
Then to eVeryone's surprise, a double rainbow appeared.
A double rainbow is caused by two internal reflections as a ray of light exits a raindrop.
But after a hailstorm, a double rainbow curves across the purple sky, with Evanston at its base.
Because of a law suit with Haagen-Dazs, Double Rainbow products can be found only in Trader Joe's retail markets (76 in California and Arizona), 120 ice cream parlors in the USA, select grocery stores, and Hong Kong," explained publicist Amy Nielsen.
It was after the double rainbow, after the San Juan Feast Day, the Buffalo Dance, the Comanche Dance the children balancing feathers and bells stepping left and right, the young girls moving slightly.