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Fine Italian cloth shirts feature classic double cuffs, with chevron and vertical stripes pulling the colour palette together.
Shirts with double cuffs and wide collars look particularly stylish, and if you want a really up-to-the-minute look wear it with boot-cut flares or flat-front trousers.
For a more casual look there are crisp shirts in white pique with double cuffs or in off-white linen with decorative pleated fronts add the appropriate elements of business severity combined with total femininity.
Flamenco blouses in satin or plain blouses in see-through chiffon are very high fashion, but a plain shirt with double cuffs also looks great.
2 The new shirt ranges are fitted, with masculine extras, such as double cuffs - nick his, or buy your own: jacket, pounds 79.
The white shirt may have some features associated with dresswear, such as a textured or pleated front to show studs, a wing collar and double cuffs for links.
Double cuffs are also in fashion and look great with links.
Best buy is Pink's white fitted shirt with double cuffs.