Double Counting

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A error that occurs in meta-analysis when a population is over-represented because part of a cohort was tabulated or placed more than once in a subpopulation being analysed from a larger population
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In reference period, 20.0 million tons of freight and 89.2 million passengers (double counting) were carried by road transport.
"With the ticketing process, you received a wristband meaning there was no double counting and therefore there is far more confidence in this year's attendance figures."
Police said at least 20 people died and 81 were wounded, correcting an earlier toll due to double counting. The fatalities were 15 civilians and five troops, while the wounded included troops, police, coastguard members and civilians.
The Environmental Defense Fund said Brazil had asked to insert language in the text muddying the date at which the rule book would compel countries to stop double counting emissions savings.
The value added tax (VAT) and sales services tax (SST) (introduced years ago) does not entail double counting of the tax at the end, as people would just pay a minimal charge.
Edillon said in its current state, the RISE UP, or Readiness Index for Sustainable Economies Under PHederalism, formula could result in 'double counting' of certain indicators such as income.
The agency earlier warned of double counting amid the confusion in the storm's aftermath.
This book supplies students with 112 introductory to intermediate combinatorial problems drawn from the AwesomeMath summer program, as well as tools for solving counting problems, proof techniques, and examples related counting basics, permutations and combinations, multinomials, the principle of inclusion-exclusion, Pascal's triangle and the binomial theorem, the double counting principle, the pigeonhole principle, induction, recurrence relations, graph theory, invariants, combinatorial geometry, generating functions, and probabilities and probabilistic method.
The agency cited double counting for the higher figure.
At that time a note from the State Bank of India's chief economist Soumya Kanti Ghosh had raised a possibility of double counting on the numbers to include interbank deposits and deposits by post offices.
ICAO president Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu told reporters the agency will now lead work to come up with criteria on how to select eligible projects, to verify their efficiency in reducing carbon emissions and to address concerns of double counting. An airline would not be able to use the same carbon credit to comply both with the deal and any separate offsets programs.