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A cloned pig which has not, to date, suffered any of the usual complications of cloning, many of which are related to a compromised immune system
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US authorities say Dotcom and the three other Megaupload executives cost film studios and record companies more than $500 million and generated more than $175 million by encouraging paying users to store and share copyrighted material, such as movies and TV shows.
With the browser-based MegaChat, Dotcom appears to be
prosecutors accuse Dotcom, 40, of facilitating the widespread piracy of songs and movies.
I'm convinced the internet is the key to the betterment of mankind," Dotcom told media.
Dotcom said half a million users registered for Mega in its first 14 hours.
Dotcom told a local paper that US authorities already know they cannot win the case against him, but his legal bills are mounting up into "millions of dollars", which he cannot pay because of a freeze on much of his fortune and assets.
Dotcom denied any knowledge of the man and said he was not friends with him, Fairfax Media reported.
authorities want to extradite Dotcom on charges he masterminded a scheme that made more than $175 million in a few short years by copying and distributing music, movies and other copyrighted content without authorisation.
Dotcom Chrome, run by Jamie McDougall, from Altrincham, Cheshire, has agreed in the High Court not to pass itself off as Google or claim they can guarantee search positions.
com)-- Software developers Dotcom Software Solutions Ltd.
Tesco is looking to expand its dotcom business to new markets overseas in a bid to become "the world's most successful multi-channel retailer".