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A cloned pig which has not, to date, suffered any of the usual complications of cloning, many of which are related to a compromised immune system
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James Fanshawe, e-business risk management partner at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Birmingham, said: 'The survey highlights that the failure of the dot.
The critical challenge for traditional firms is to create a proposition - both financial and otherwise - that will attract the right executives, not only with the dot.
Net use: While both groups use the Internet on a regular basis - especially for gathering information - dot.
There will be less trading and fewer IPOs, fewer dot.
Furthermore, those employees coming from telecom and IT companies have the skills that are in greatest demand by the dot.
As we saw with the San Francisco market last year, the explosion of dot.
Today, we are introducing innovative networking devices for small and medium dot.
The Industri-Matematik solution is the first application to integrate fulfillment and CRM capabilities in a pre-packaged application especially for dot.
It is a validation of the importance of our new solution - the first to combine eFulfillment and eCRM applications specifically for dot.
to provide its new eFulfillment/eCRM software configuration for dot.
The first initiative will be the SpeechSpot(TM), a cutting-edge advertising medium that allows dot.