Dot Plot

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A diagrammatic depiction of test results as a type of scattergram in which the horizontal axis represents discrete non-continuous variables rather than a continuous scale and the vertical axis is assigned values falling in a range
Lab medicine A format for depicting data—e.g., patient results from an assay—in which results are placed in the context of multiple disease states rather than in a traditional 2 X 2 table of 2 possible test results—positive, negative—and 2 possible clinical states—disease present, disease absent. Dot plots provide information with greater clinical relevance
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control grouping, this is accomplished by requesting a Dot plot of the original data (Figure 8).
The dot plot of interest rate projections issued by Fed officials every three months is confusing, an IMF staff paper has concluded, and should be replaced with a staff forecast of the interest rates needed to achieve the Fed's goals of full employment and stable inflation.
According to the Fed's so-called dot plot chart, last produced in March, an overwhelming majority of the central bank's open market committee, who will make the decision on when to tighten policy, think rates should be at least 0.
Figure 7 shows a magnified view of the dot plot for BL1-FS and BL2-FS signal pairs.
Usually displayed vertically, it resembles a horizontal stacked dot plot (Figure 4).
Most notable among these is the addition of the dot plot chart type, which has been added to most dashboard metrics to improve the analysis of a simulation model.
A CD45/SSC dot plot showed dim CD45 expression with moderate SSC expression; the cells were CD19 negative, and exhibited high-level CD38 and variable CD56 expression.
The first dot plot (see Figure 1) consists of a FSC-H/SSC-H linear dot plot via corrected compensation for Anti-LAP-APC.
The dot plot histogram was analyzed and the difference between the measured fluorescence intensity of blank value and AGP values shows the level of AGP binding, declared in percentage of increase.
You are going to make a dot plot using the levels of some of the storms that occurred during 2005.
The power of box plots is in their ability to act as an intermediary between a complete plot of a data set, perhaps as a stacked dot plot or histogram, and a listing of statistics such as the five-number summary or the mean and standard deviation.