Dot Blot

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A rapid—‘quick and dirty’—hybridization technique for semiquantifying a specific RNA and DNA fragment in a specimen without performing a more time-consuming Northern and Southern blot
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The homogenate was centrifuged at 12,000 g for 20 min at 4 C and the resulting supernatant was used for dot blot analysis.
Furthermore, detection of TK1 protein was carried out in 96 patients using a chemiluminescence dot blot assay.
abortus S19 and Brucella abortus S19[DELTA]per S19 was checked using dot blot technique.
The system can detect up to 22 targets per sample using reverse dot blot technology and can detect genus, species, strains and virulence factors in a single assay.
Extractos de RNA total (3-6 pg) y mRNA (0,13-0,46 pg) provenientes de las lineas de clavel variegadas y no variegadas fueron analizados por dot blot con el fin de detectar transcritos del elemento dTdic1 que permitieran confirmar la transcripcion del elemento.
Immuno dot blot analysis: After 14 days of immunization, 1ml blood was drawn; serum was separated and stored at -20degC.
Following dot blot hybriddization, the differentially expressed sequences were sequenced using special sets of primers by Sagon Corporation (Sangon).