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Marion, U.S. bacteriologist, 1872-1935. See: Dorset culture egg medium.
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The cruiser Dorsetshire (which had left Convoy SL74) had just arrived at the scene of the action.
the County of Dorsetshire, and the Downs about Salisbury, only, not lying so high from the Surface of the Water, and the Soil being a good fruitful dark Mould" (254).
Bertie was describing a village inn in Dorsetshire. I think we get the picture.
For example, Samuel Goodrichs popular adolescent educational book, Peter Parley's Wonders of the Earth, Sea, and Sky (1840), gives pride of place to the ichthyosaur in chapter two, entitled "What Creatures Once Lived Where Dorsetshire In England Now Is" (7).
He had a particular interest in the history of the English language and its dialects but his poems in Dorsetshire dialect provide his principal claim to fame: the first was published in a local newspaper in 1834 and was followed by many others, including three collections.
Indeed, this character of sustained commitment now seems evident in nearly everything the composer wrote: portended in the prewar "Linden Lea"--Vaughan Williams' first well-known musical production, a pastoral song, derived of a poetry text in the Dorsetshire dialect by the cleric William Barnes (1800-1886), with a melody resembling that of a folk tune or a popular hymn, but of the composer's own musical imagination; and equally fulfilled in Hodie--a Christmas Cantata, written in the very last years of the composer's life, with a libretto taken from poetic and literary texts by John Milton, Miles Coverdale, Thomas Hardy, George Herbert, and others, but with the traditional melodies of the English hymnal updated by the composer into the tonalities of a mid-20th century modernist polyphony.
Nato nel Dorsetshire nel 1665 in una famiglia di ricchi proprietari terrieri devoti cattolici e zelanti fautori degli Stuarts, ridotti quasi in poverta dalle persecuzioni religiose e traversie politiche del tempo, fu educato da tutori privati e poi a Douai in Francia, nel Collegio degli Inglesi, una scuola per giovani cattolici in esilio che si avviavano alla carriera ecclesiastica.
Thousands of holidaymakers from along the Cambrian Coast area visited to watch the naming of Barmouth's then "new motor lifeboat - The Chieftain - built out of a legacy from Mr P C Peek, Branksome Park, Dorsetshire.
The second witness was air defence officer on HMS Rodney, Lieutenant Donald Campbell, who in his account of the sinking said he saw the Morse signal, which was also reported by a sailor on the cruiser HMS Dorsetshire. (ANI)
Or is it a torpedo from HMS Dorsetshire? It looks like all three - and it is.
Lawrence River, including Prince of Orange (sixty guns), Rochester (fifty guns), and Eurus (unknown), while eight more were sent from Louisbourg, including Fame (seventy-four guns), Dorsetshire (seventy), and Achilles (sixty), and the frigates Scarborough (twenty-nine) and Repulse (thirty-two).