dorsal metacarpal artery

dor·sal me·ta·car·pal ar·te·ry

(dōr'săl met'ă-kahr'păl ahr'tĕr-ē)
One of four arteries taking origin from the dorsal carpal arch and running on the posterior aspect of the interosseous muscles of the hand.
Synonym(s): arteria metacarpalis dorsalis.
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[15,16] Atasoy flap (transverse and dorsal oblique tip amputations), [17] Kutler flap (V-Y advancement flaps from both sides of the finger is midlateral distal amputations), [18] first dorsal metacarpal artery flap (kite flap), [19] cross-finger flap (in volar soft-tissue defects), [20] thenar and hypothenar flaps (pulp and fingertip defects in young patients), [18] digital artery perforator flap (transverse or side oblique fingertip defects with exposed bone), [7] are among the most commonly used options which can be performed in emergency settings.
The first dorsal metacarpal artery flap is useful in especially soft reconstruction of the thumb [25] [Figure 8].
Restoration of thumb sensibility with the innervated first dorsal metacarpal artery island flap.
During routine dissection of the right upper limb of a 55-year-old male cadaver, we observed that the superficial palmar arch (SPA) is formed by the ulnar artery and completed by the first dorsal metacarpal artery. After completing the arch, dorsal metacarpal artery continued as princeps pollicis artery for the thumb.
It may arise from the superficial arch or the first dorsal metacarpal artery. [sup][1] A proper understanding of the arterial variations in the palm would be fundamental for the success of repair procedures in patients with hand trauma, particularly in plastic surgeries or during arterio-grafting.
In a study of the dorsal arterial system of the hand, the radial artery divided into three branches between the base of first and second metacarpals in 84.6% specimens: the princeps pollicis artery, the first dorsal metacarpal artery, and the branch to the deep palmar arterial arch.
One was left to heal by second intention, and one case was repaired by a dorsal metacarpal artery flap.
The skin over the dorsum of the index finger is supplied by the first dorsal metacarpal artery and can be transferred to the thumb with good sensation when taken with a branch of the superficial radial nerve.
Variations of the dorsal metacarpal artery perforator in the fourth web preclude the safe utilization of this local flap option.
The evolution and refinements of the distally based dorsal metacarpal artery (DMCA) flaps.
The proximal part of the vein graft was anastomosed to the dorsal metacarpal artery. After anastomosis, perfusion to the thumb was established.
[4,5] First dorsal metacarpal artery arises directly from the radial artery between the base of thumb and the index metacarpal, then divides into branches.

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