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Carl, Swiss climatologist, 1865-1942.
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nam certo, prius quam hinc ad legionem abiit dorno ipsus mandavit mi ab lenone ut fidicina, quam amabit, emeretur sibi.
Mr Simon Dorno, Managing Director of GCB Bank Limited stated that the new logo consist of an eagle in color pallets that combine beautifully to give expression to the new image of dynamism and freshness as well as the enduring relevance of its Ghanaian and African heritage.
Sy gedigte word gesien s 'n ntwoord op dorno se stelling dt dit brbrs is om n uschwitz poesie te skryf.
It is only with the next stanza that Donne offers a positive assertion of the relationship between "Discretion" and "Religion": "these are one" The violence of this typical Donnean copulative is underscored by the etymology of his terms: "Discretion" derives from the Latin discernere, "to separate out" and "Religion" (in one etymology hazarded by Cicero [De dorno, 105]) from the Latin religare, "to bind or fasten together.
Dorno works hard to take care of its people, providing a comprehensive benefits package, a tablet reimbursement for every employee, gym memberships and a generous vacation policy.