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Carl, Swiss climatologist, 1865-1942.
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nam certo, prius quam hinc ad legionem abiit dorno ipsus mandavit mi ab lenone ut fidicina, quam amabit, emeretur sibi.
Sy gedigte word gesien s 'n ntwoord op dorno se stelling dt dit brbrs is om n uschwitz poesie te skryf.
It is only with the next stanza that Donne offers a positive assertion of the relationship between "Discretion" and "Religion": "these are one" The violence of this typical Donnean copulative is underscored by the etymology of his terms: "Discretion" derives from the Latin discernere, "to separate out" and "Religion" (in one etymology hazarded by Cicero [De dorno, 105]) from the Latin religare, "to bind or fasten together." But this stanza breaks the pattern slightly, using only one negative adverb in its concluding litotes: "her yea, is not her no" (42).
Dorno works hard to take care of its people, providing a comprehensive benefits package, a tablet reimbursement for every employee, gym memberships and a generous vacation policy.