Doppler probe


Christian J., Austrian mathematician and physicist in U.S., 1803-1853.
Doppler bidirectional test
Doppler echocardiography - use of Doppler ultrasonography techniques to augment two-dimensional echocardiography by allowing velocities to be registered within the echocardiographic image. Synonym(s): duplex echocardiography
Doppler effect - a change in frequency is observed when the sound and observer are in relative motion away from or toward each other. Synonym(s): Doppler phenomenon; Doppler principle
Doppler flow test
Doppler measurement
Doppler phenomenon - Synonym(s): Doppler effect
Doppler principle - Synonym(s): Doppler effect
Doppler probe
Doppler pulse evaluation
Doppler scope
Doppler shift - the magnitude of the frequency change in hertz when sound and observer are in relative motion away from or toward each other.
Doppler ultrasonography - application of the Doppler effect in ultrasound to detect movement of scatterers (usually red blood cells) by the analysis of the change in frequency of the returning echoes.
Doppler ultrasound flowmeter
Doppler ultrasound segmental blood pressure testing
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A coupling jelly was placed on the abdomen, and the Doppler probe was placed over the fetus.
A combination of internal monitoring with an implantable Doppler probe and clinical monitoring to assess flap viability has been the recent technique of choice (Wax, 2014).
* When the Doppler probe is directly over an obstructed vein, no spontaneous signal will be detected.
Movement of skin beneath the Doppler probe results in a biphasic Doppler shift as skin is stretched beneath at the beginning of each movement and recoils at the end of the movement.
Prior to performing the nerve-sparing dissection of the procedure, a 20 mHz laparoscopic single-use ultrasound Doppler probe (Vascular Technology Inc., Nashua, NH, USA) was introduced into the pelvis through the 12 mm assistant port (Figure 1).
Male Wistar rats (12-21 weeks, 340[+ or -]60 g) were anesthetized by Urethane (1~1.5 g/kg, ip), fleeced with cut machine, equipped with probes for measurements of the rectal and skin temperatures and with a laser Doppler probe for measurement of the skin tissue blood flow.
Modern advances in fracture treatment, avoidance of over-tight splintage, the availability of vascular tree visualisation with arteriography and the Doppler probe and surgical reconstruction or replacement of damaged arteries have made this condition less common, but sadly it still occurs.
Apart from preinsertion localization of radial artery, a further refinement of this technique, the Doppler probe can be held over the artery throughout cannula insertion; the exact position of the artery is identified by a change or loss of Doppler tones as the cannula contacts and compresses the artery12,13 .
Using a hand-held Doppler probe, all the perforator vessels around the point D were detected and marked on the skin.
The ABI is also a reliable method for screening leg pain, ischemia of the legs, screening for atherosclerosis and the evaluation of vascular compromise in patients with trauma of the lower legs (Grenon, et al, 2009) The only tools required for the testing are a blood pressure cuff and a continuous wave 5 to 10 mHz Doppler probe as well as a skilled technician.
They reported that the Doppler probe located the axillary artery and detected the turbulence in the blood flow after the insertion of an intra-arterial needle: an excellent block was obtained by injecting local anaesthetic under ultrasound examination (4).