Doppler, Christian J.

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Christian J., Austrian mathematician and physicist in U.S., 1803-1853.
Doppler bidirectional test
Doppler echocardiography - use of Doppler ultrasonography techniques to augment two-dimensional echocardiography by allowing velocities to be registered within the echocardiographic image. Synonym(s): duplex echocardiography
Doppler effect - a change in frequency is observed when the sound and observer are in relative motion away from or toward each other. Synonym(s): Doppler phenomenon; Doppler principle
Doppler flow test
Doppler measurement
Doppler phenomenon - Synonym(s): Doppler effect
Doppler principle - Synonym(s): Doppler effect
Doppler probe
Doppler pulse evaluation
Doppler scope
Doppler shift - the magnitude of the frequency change in hertz when sound and observer are in relative motion away from or toward each other.
Doppler ultrasonography - application of the Doppler effect in ultrasound to detect movement of scatterers (usually red blood cells) by the analysis of the change in frequency of the returning echoes.
Doppler ultrasound flowmeter
Doppler ultrasound segmental blood pressure testing
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Ma J et al study based on nondiabetic subjects, suggest that an automated oscillometric ABI measurement is a reliable and practical alternative to the conventional doppler measurement for the detection of PAD,11 but our objective of the study was to involve diabetic patients to validate automated oscillometric ABI method.
Various echo tools for diastolic assessment are M-mode measurement, 2D echo measurement, Doppler measurement-transmitral Doppler measurement, pulmonary venous flow measurement, colour M mode, tissue Doppler imaging methods.
The Relationship Between Uterine Artery two-dimensional Color Doppler Measurement and Pregnancy Outcome: A Prospective Observational Study.
Then, E/E' ratio was calculated to provide an estimation of LV filling pressures.[sup][9] The myocardial performance index (MPI), which is a noninvasive Doppler measurement of global ventricular function, was calculated as the ratio of isovolumic contraction and relaxation times to ejection time.
The strength of this study is that it is the first regional study to demonstrate the successful application of non-invasive method of fetal MCAPSV Doppler measurement to diagnose fetal anemia in various scenarios, although few case reports have been reported earlier.
Doppler measurement of the middle cerebral artery (MCA) was performed for the prediction of fetal anemia and the peak systolic velocity (PSV) was significantly elevated (60 cm [s.sup.-1]).
There was ventricular septal flattening consistent with right ventricular pressure overload, and pulmonary arterial systolic pressure, estimated from Doppler measurement of tricuspid regurgitant jet velocity and a dilated inferior vena cava, was ~ 80 mmHg.
Simultaneous Doppler measurement of portalvenous peak velocity, hepatic arterial peak velocity, and splenic arterial pulsatility inex for assessment of hepatic circulation.
of Sydney) explains the fundamentals of signal processing and modulation before moving on to IR radiometers and image intensifiers, millimeter wave radiometers, active ranging sensors, active imaging sensors, signal propagation, Doppler measurement and radio frequency ID tags and transponders.
For products flowing through a pipe, researchers have developed a viscosity meter based on ultrasonic Doppler measurements. The lab's ultrasonic Doppler measurement system can be used to build a velocity profile for product flowing through a pipe, which can be an invaluable tool for process engineers.
"The Doppler measurement is a lot like listening to a train whistle," Pappas says.
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