Doppler, Christian Andreas

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Doppler, Christian Andreas

Austrian mathematician and physicist, 1803–1853.

Doppler echocardiography

The use of ultrasound technology to determine the velocity of blood flow in different locations in the heart but esp. across the heart valves.

Doppler effect

The variation of the apparent frequency of waves, e.g., sound, light, and radio waves, with a change in distance between the source and the receiver. The frequency seems to increase as the distance decreases and to decrease as the distance increases.

Doppler measurement of blood pressure and fetal heart rate

The use of Doppler sound waves to determine fetal systolic blood pressure or the fetal heart rate.

Doppler velocimetry

The use of Doppler ultrasound to determine the speed of blood flow through arteries and veins. During pregnancy Doppler ultrasonography can determine whether blood flow rates are adequate in the uterine artery, placenta, and umbilical cord vessels.
See: uteroplacental insufficiency
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