Door Data

The time that elapses—ideally < 10 minutes—between when a patient with chest pain arrives at A&E/ER and there is enough data—EKG, clinical history, troponin levels—to be reasonably certain of an evolving acute MI
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In an efficient way, this platform allows architects to upload door data, schedules and plans from their design software to Overtur, whereby it is accessible by all stakeholders.
Measured AERs are independently discussed for each dataset due to the differences in measurement time of year and changes made to the building leakage area between 2000 and 2005 when the window and door data acquisition respectively occurred.
When combined with any conventional proximity, Mifare, or ISO 15693 reader, it sends immediate alarm notification if a short circuit, cut line, or open/close condition occurs between it, request-to-exit, and door data inputs.