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Charles, Irish surgeon, 1863-1951. See: Donovan bodies, Leishman-Donovan body.
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He danced like a faun; he introduced manner and style and atmosphere; his words came trippingly upon his tongue, and--he waltzed twice in succession with the paper- box girl that Dempsey Donovan brought.
Dempsey Donovan was at his elbow instantly, talking rapidly.
Demps Donovan picked a scrap with your Lizzie-boy, and they've waltzed out to the slaughter room with him.
It gave way, and in the instant that she entered her eye caught the scene--the Board standing about with open watches; Dempsey Donovan in his shirt sleeves dancing, light-footed, with the wary grace of the modern pugilist, within easy reach of his adversary; Terry O'Sullivan standing with arms folded and a murderous look in his dark eyes.
Donovan Brown, the great artist, is a Socialist, and why should not you be one?
Donovan Brown's eminence as an artist has gained me one recruit, and yours as a baronet will gain me some more.
My father's income was fifty times as great as that of Donovan Brown.
Shall I write to Donovan Brown that his letters have gained the cordial assent and sympathy of Sir Charles Brandon?
And if you will call on Donovan Brown the next time you are in London, he will be delighted, I know.
Antonia often went to the dances with Larry Donovan, a passenger conductor who was a kind of professional ladies' man, as we said.
One evening when Donovan was out on his run, Antonia came to the hall with Norwegian Anna and her young man, and that night I took her home.
I borrowed that five from Tom Donovan, the policeman.