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medical directive

End-of-life decisions A specific and comprehensive advance care document–being developed for health care at the end of life. See Advance directive, Durable power of attorney, Living will.
Medical Directive–optimal components  
Introduction Provides an explanation of the document's purpose
Paradigmatic scenarios Provides examples that help the individual understand various illness circumstances and evaluate the types of life-sustaining interventions that might be employed; the PSs would–in theory–help the individual designate his/her preferences with respect to specific treatments
Proxy decision-maker Section provides details on who would make the decisions in the event of the individual becoming mentally incompetent
Organ donation Yes/no, what, to whom, for what
Personal statement The individual's 'wrap-up'
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organ donation

The removal of a body part from one person for transplantation into another, typically to restore functional capacity.

Patient care

Organ donation may occur during life, as when a matched individual chooses to give bone marrow or a kidney to another; or it may occur at death, by those who have agreed to donate their organs if they suffer fatal accidents. Health care professionals working with trauma patients have a significant effect on increasing the number of organ donations through prompt identification of possible donors and the provision of hemodynamic management to preserve organ function and health.

See: donor card; transplantation
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30, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- Many Americans who die waiting for a kidney transplant actually had donor organs offered to them multiple times -- but their transplant center declined them.
According to the law living donor has the right to receive complete and objective information about a medical operation, including possible complications, due to surgery, to receive treatment and rehabilitation in a public medical facility in the manner prescribed by the relevant executive authority, including to be supplied with medicines, refuse at any time to provide his or her donor organ, to be constantly under the supervision of a dispensary, in case of the need to transplant an organ to him, to donate to a donor body out of turn, in case of temporary disability due to donation.
Paragonix has established a pipeline of donor organ transport devices that address the current donor organ shortage by maximizing donor organ utilisation, improving donor organ quality and extending donor organ transport throughout the entire United States.
Another one million people received cornea and other tissue transplants that helped them recover from trauma, bone damage, spinal injuries, burns, hearing impairment and vision loss. Unfortunately, thousands die every year waiting for a donor organ that never comes.
In the next session how to establish "Deceased Donor Organ Transplantation Programme" in Pakistan was discussed in detail.
Hannah's not quite out of the woods yet because her disease is affecting the donor organ.
Because the cost of a compromised compatibly donor organ transported to a patient in need due to loss, delay or temperature issues is priceless.
The researchers describe building functional replacement kidneys on the structure of donor organs from which living cells had been stripped, an approach previously used to create bioartificial hearts, lungs and livers.
DCD transplants now account for about 10% of all transplants performed in Canada,[sup.1] and appears to be a relatively untapped source of donor organs. Contemporary literature suggests DCD transplants incur worse early graft outcomes in favour of excellent long-term graft and patient survival.[sup.2]-[sup.6]
The court concluded by stating: "Unfortunately, inasmuch as it is not the standard of care to perform a biopsy upon a donor organ prior to transplantation, it was not foreseeable that the donor could have had cancer, this court is constrained by the law to render this determination."
Wales is considering changing the organ donation laws to follow this approach so more patients could receive a much needed donor organ."
TWO men on board a light aircraft transporting a donor organ were injured, one critically, when the plane crashed and caught fire as it landed at Birmingham Airport.