Donor Insemination

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het·er·ol·o·gous in·sem·i·na·tion

artificial insemination with semen from a donor who is not the woman's husband.
Synonym(s): donor insemination
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The insertion of sperm into the uterus by means other than intercourse— often with a device that has an appearance fancifully likened to that of a turkey baster—when (1) the male’s sperm is of such poor quality that sperm from a donor is preferable, or (2) a woman wants a baby, but does not have/want a husband
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Of course, I'd have preferred to have a partner but as this was increasingly unlikely, I started to think donor insemination might be the answer.
No figures were available for donor insemination at the Cromwell IVF and Fertility Centre at Singleton Hospital in Swansea, as fewer than 50 procedures were carried out.
Other issues raised were adjourned until after the outcome of the Government's current consultation exercise on the whole question of donor insemination, which could lead to fresh legislation.
Donor insemination can seem the ideal solution for many couples but there are a number of points you should think about carefully first.
The plans include raising treatment fees from pounds 40 to pounds 50 per IVF cycle and from pounds 20 to pounds 25 per cycle of donor insemination treatment.
It seems incomprehensible to me now that I didn't spot the similarities between people who are adopted and people born as the result of donor insemination - that they face exactly the same uncertainties and questions of genetic history.
It may help those whose rights to determine their personal identity have been violated, for example pre-and post-operative transsexuals, or individuals born by donor insemination seeking access to their records.
IT IS ironic that on the day when the media gave much coverage to boys under-achieving in school, The Mirror ran a story about three women who all chose "donor insemination" as a means to conceive (Jan 6).
LONDON: An Australian woman and a five-year-old child, from York, conceived by donor insemination, are bringing a High Court action in their battle for the right to discover more about their parentage.
Christine's mother went to a clinic in Exeter which carried out donor insemination and paid five guineas a time for the treatment.