Donor Insemination

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het·er·ol·o·gous in·sem·i·na·tion

artificial insemination with semen from a donor who is not the woman's husband.
Synonym(s): donor insemination
The insertion of sperm into the uterus by means other than intercourse— often with a device that has an appearance fancifully likened to that of a turkey baster—when (1) the male’s sperm is of such poor quality that sperm from a donor is preferable, or (2) a woman wants a baby, but does not have/want a husband
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7% of respondents reported that they intended to become pregnant in the next 5 years, with almost 70% of them stating that they expected to use donor insemination (DI) to do so.
Lindblad, "Disclosure of donor insemination to the child: the impact of Swedish legislation on couples' attitudes" (2000) 15 Human Reproduction 2052 at 2054; Soderstrom-Anttila et al.
14) In Victoria, prior to the McBain case, access to IVF and donor insemination was restricted to married or de facto heterosexual couples.
It is ironic, then, that Nelson found, among the women who used donor insemination, that "the question of whether or not to pursue motherhood was seldom raised.
HIV Transmission Through Donor Insemination, 273 JAMA 854 (1995).
As I surmised earlier, it seems reasonable to assume that any laws enacted for egg donation will be similar to those now in place for donor insemination.
We have about as many husband inseminations as donor inseminations.
When Jeff DeGroot was growing up as one of the thousands of children born into LGBT families that use donor insemination, there weren't many resources for him to turn to.
However, an example of an "isolated subgroup" might be if the population using the donor insemination was limited to certain individuals because the clinic is the only one in a small town.