Donor Fatigue

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A generic term for an unwillingness to contribute to charitable causes on an ongoing basis because the donor has been asked for donations too often and is now tired of giving
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People respond to what charities do every day and then you add on top of that an extraordinary national tragedy that is highly publicized for week upon week, and people might have entered into what we sometimes see as donor fatigue," Farley said.
BEIRUT: The largest international organization clearing cluster munitions in south Lebanon said Tuesday donor fatigue would soon force it to downsize its operations.
The outpouring of generosity for victims of Hurricane Katrina has created donor fatigue in Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties and as a result, we've seen donations to the food bank drop sharply," said Willy Elliott-McCrea, Executive Director of the Second Harvest Food bank of Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties.
Nonprofits reacquire lapsed donors through alternate methods and have developed many different strategies to combat donor fatigue and other reasons donors become disinterested in giving.
Coming off one of the most expensive elections in history, you have donor fatigue,'' said Barbara O'Connor, director of the Institute for the Study of Politics and the Media at California State University, Sacramento.
Islamic relief's Habib Malik said: "I hear people say there will be donor fatigue in Scotland, but I've yet to see this.
Donor fatigue hampered this year's fundraising efforts, she said.
She encourages clients not just to look at lists not just from similar organizations to fight donor fatigue, but try lists that worked well with comparable mailings.
I believe that's why we're not seeing any signs of donor fatigue among our supporters.
There has been no evidence of donor fatigue and the money just keeps pouring in.
In Iowa, philanthropy is being hurt not only by the economic downturn but also by donor fatigue, as a result of tornado and flood disaster response.
There is donor fatigue," said Mario Abou Zeid, a research analyst at the Carnegie Middle East Center.