Donor Fatigue

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A generic term for an unwillingness to contribute to charitable causes on an ongoing basis because the donor has been asked for donations too often and is now tired of giving
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After years of a long recession, followed by a slow recovery, Lane County residents can be forgiven for suffering from donor fatigue.
What we forget is that donor fatigue is already surfacing and dependence on foreign aid cannot be considered a long term policy to manage disasters.
According to Singing Rooster's Business Developer Saurin Nanavati, "People are suffering donor fatigue and question how money may be spent.
The 37-year-old actor said that the real issue was donor fatigue which was another crisis in the Middle East.
He warned of risk that the ODA could suffer donor fatigue.
Aid agencies have issued sustained warnings that the country is facing a humanitarian catastrophe and a possible famine, but have struggled to raise necessary funds amid donor fatigue and dwindling media interest in the crisis.
Thanks to our very supportive UAE leadership, we are showing the world that now is not the time for donor fatigue, but for whole-hearted sacrifice.
5 billion pledged at a similar meeting last year has reached UN coffers, hinting at donor fatigue with no end to the bloodshed on the horizon.
Additionally, the relationships we created with our nonprofit partners enabled us to see that donor fatigue might be a real issue once the public tired of news about the disaster.
The fund-raising fall-off is a result of donor fatigue, the dramatic rise in public support for gay marriage and the softening of some major gay marriage opponents, including the Mormon Church, people involved with the campaigns say.
Donor fatigue and war weariness have taken their toll on how long the global community is willing to support Afghanistan and there are concerns about security following the withdrawal of most NATO troops in 2014 if financial backing is not secured.