Donor Fatigue

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A generic term for an unwillingness to contribute to charitable causes on an ongoing basis because the donor has been asked for donations too often and is now tired of giving
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A seven-day window was selected to give nonprofits every day of the week to work with while minimizing the risk of donor fatigue, according to Susan Swan Smith, chief giving day officer.
but then Maria comes along, which in many ways was worse than Harvey and Irma, and people have donor fatigue and it is very difficult to get donations for Puerto Rico.
The United Nations say aid is getting to the drought zone far too slowly, partly because of "donor fatigue".
A bigger problem is looming on the horizon for thousands of families displaced by the continuing clashes in Marawi City - specifically, the possibility of donor fatigue especially in the neighboring Diocese of Iligan, officials said on Thursday.
And humanitarians themselves face increasing obstacles in their efforts to mitigate the impacts of occupation, whether it be in increased movement restrictions, the exhaustion of legal processes, the confiscation of our aid, or understandable donor fatigue. As each year passes, the situation deteriorates inexorably, with profound consequences for Palestinians and potentially Israelis as well.ae1/4Ci
"I believe the rapid proliferation of new technologies, social media and innovations in individual fundraising will dilute the widening pool of choices for potential donors, thus contributing to donor fatigue as we've never seen before," Gillums says.
In order to avoid donor fatigue and start creating more separation between personal and professional relationships, Lott and Whitney plan to establish the company as an official nonprofit, a 501(c)(3), in order to pursue more of their funding through grants and corporate donations.
After years of a long recession, followed by a slow recovery, Lane County residents can be forgiven for suffering from donor fatigue. And it is tempting to look at the recent spate of good economic news - unemployment is down, new projects are being planned, at long last a deal has been struck for the Hynix plant - and feel like the community is returning to normal.
What we forget is that donor fatigue is already surfacing and dependence on foreign aid cannot be considered a long term policy to manage disasters.
According to Singing Rooster's Business Developer Saurin Nanavati, "People are suffering donor fatigue and question how money may be spent.
Exploiting Yemen's potential reserves would be very timely coming as it does post-uprising and at a time when even the most generous of international donors are experiencing donor fatigue; new oil and gas output would re-energise Yemen's failing economy.According to the January 2013 Oil and Gas Journal, Yemen has proven oil reserves of about three billion barrels.