Donohue syndrome

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(lep'rĕ-kawn-izm), [MIM*246200]
A congenital form of dwarfism characterized by extreme growth retardation, endocrine disorders, and emaciation, with elfin facies and large, low-set ears; autosomal recessive inheritance; caused by mutation in the insulin receptor gene (INSR) on 19p.
[Irish leprechaun, elf]

Donohue syndrome

A rare genetic disorder caused by severe insulin resistance and characterized by acanthosis nigricans, emaciation, endocrine disorders, hirsutism, and facial features dominated by large wide-set eyes and large low-set ears.
An autosomal recessive [MIM 246200] polydysmorphic condition with parental consanguinity, which is more common in females—the male foetuses die in utero


William Leslie, Canadian pathologist, 1906-1985.
Donohue disease - a congenital form of dwarfism. Synonym(s): Donohue syndrome; leprechaunism
Donohue syndrome - Synonym(s): Donohue disease
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Lucilla is now a mum of two healthy children who have both helped her and Jim get through the grief of losing two babies to Donohue Syndrome.
DONOHUE Syndrome is a rare and severe genetic disorder caused by mutations in the insulin receptor.
Donohue Syndrome is a disorder that causes low birth weight, unusual facial features and a failure to thrive in infants.