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Alfred, French physician, 1801-1878. See: Donné corpuscle.
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Five years ago, an internet fan campaign to have Donner's originally-intended version of the movie patched together from screen-tests and outtakes bore fruit with the release of The Donner Cut on DVD, including previously unseen footage of Marlon Brando as Superman's father Jor-El.
Donner reminds his readers that the Qur'an provides no direct information on the expansionist movement.
Donner is quite right that the first part of the Muslim confession of faith would have been acceptable to all monotheists.
In the second chapter Donner provides a concise summary of the life of Muhammad, providing the traditional view held in the sacred biographical literature of Islam but in full awareness of the vexing problems these literary sources pose for a modern historian.
Donner is pursuing fieldwork in the central equatorial Pacific, because the islands and reefs in that area are affected by repeated El Nino events.
Donner points out how urban anthropology largely has focused on public sites, while studies of women in India necessarily have focused on domestic, private sites.
Donner Award for Excellence in the Delivery of Social Services.
Less than pounds 8 bought us a cheeseburger, chips, four pieces of fried chicken and a donner kebab.
Comicbook fans have been clamoring for this version since Donner, helmer of 1978's bigscreen "Superman," was booted off the sequel by producers Alexander and Ilya Salkind and replaced by Richard Lester.
In a new book, Donner writes that he opposes sharia, but that under Dutch law, Islam is equal to Protestantism and that "it would be a scandal" to preempt limits on religious freedom or women's rights within a future Islamized Netherlands.
NEIL Donner is a violin instructor, a Libertarian and a populist hero.