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Alfred, French physician, 1801-1878. See: Donné corpuscle.
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From the state park, head west on Donner Pass Road; it's roughly the route the emigrants followed as they struggled toward Donner Pass.
92 SRP) will be offered in an 8-disc boxed set including all the above (except Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut).
He says, "Jacoby Donner has endured for over 75 years, in part, because we, like Eric, understand the value of bringing all available resources to bear on accomplishing a client's goals.
Truckee's railroading past is just a part of the area's fascinating history--from Indian lore to the tragedy of the Donner Party and the excitement of the California Gold Rush.
In a nutshell: As close to a B-movie as Richard Donner will ever get, this nerve-jangling cop thriller is pretty good until it caves to convention.
Donner Properties, based in Shreveport, Louisiana since 1979, owns various mineral and surface interests in Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.
While COO for Marketing Technology Solutions, a company that developed proprietary database and analytical tools to validate online consumer actions with offline transactions, Donner led a significant increase in company revenue, managing all the internal operations at MTS including marketing, technology, business development, and service delivery.
Donner stated in the report that "Xechem applies its expertise to producing multisource anti-cancer compounds and diagnostic tests.
Park visitors, needn't fear sharing the Donner Party's fate, but they can learn about the group's tragic story.
Upon the satisfaction of a variety of conditions precedent, some of which are described below, it is intended that NBC will subscribe for approximately 1,972,500 common shares (post-consolidation) of Donner at a price of $0.
Donner expects DVD sales to reflect the box office demographics that included many infrequent moviegoers who saw the film with their church.