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Alfred, French physician, 1801-1878. See: Donné corpuscle.
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Further, my argument that Donne's "genre" is based on the practice of lectio addresses two persistent lines of inquiry that have recently informed our interpretations of Donne's Devotions: these have manifested in debates about (1) the particular meditative tradition Donne follows in formulating the Devotions, and (2) "Donne's preoccupation with the body" and the text's veneer of "self-absorption.
Evelyn Simpson also makes this same error in A Study of the Prose Works of John Donne [1948, 335].
La creativita femminista di quegli anni seppe ridare vita e valore alle canzoni femministe scritte su vecchie arie popolari, alle antiche ninne nanne dimenticate, alle canzoni di lotta che esprimevano problemi, dolori e conquiste di donne .
While Donne emphasizes in his sermons the rewards of common ground and shared beliefs amid Christian communities (what S.
Il parto per via vaginale rappresenta un fattore di rischio significativo per lo sviluppo di disfunzionalita perineale; le linee guida inglesi del Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) del 2003, riportate da Minini e Quaresmini, stimano che l'85% delle donne che partoriscono per via vaginale subisca un qualche grado di traumatismo perineale (8).
In an undated letter addressed to Sir Henry Goodyer, Donne justifies the use of the liturgical title "A Litanie" for his poem of private mediation: "Since my imprisonment in my bed, I have made a meditation in verse, which I call a Litany; the word you know imports no other than supplication, but all Churches have one forme of supplication, by that name" (qtd.
The story takes some very unexpected turns as Donne continues to investigate what was going on in their lives, convinced that these things must be connected.
Moreover, as will be detailed below, an examination of some of the key lexical elements of the original Hebrew text--which Donne may have known--reinforces the central thesis of this essay, further clarifying the possible connection between Donne's poem and Isaiah 40.
Le ministre a indique que le Premier Vice - President a egalement donne des directives pour donner la preoccupation pour la categorie des personnes handicapees et les programmes de la Chambre de Zakat pour soutenir les pauvres et les necessiteux.
Rebbah a donne le coup d'envoi aux travaux de construction d'une route reliant Sidi Lahcen et la route provinciale n 6048, sur une longueur de 25 Km, pour une enveloppe budgetaire estimee a 26 millions Dh.
Instead of pronouncing certain texts true or false, Le Donne puts forward a way to read them as historical narrative.