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Frederick G., English physical chemist, 1870-1956. See: Donnan equilibrium, Gibbs-Donnan equilibrium.
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Online skills Digital youth worker Inigo Sands with Maryam Hussain, Lucas Donnan and Borys Goral
Carol Donnan, 55, died just 29 days after she was diagnosed with stage-four stomach cancer.
Richard Donnan, head of Ulster Bank said the local economy would grow by just 1 per cent in 2019, even if Brexit is completed in the best manner possible.
Gary Donnan will join Eutelsat Communications as Chief Innovation Officer, reporting to Chief Executive Officer Rodolphe Belmer.
60cm: 1 Nithsdale Red - Chloe Gorman (Secrets), Priya Rome (Rosie), Alistair Sloan (Blaze), Kyle Scott (Bluebell); 2 Gelstonians - Jasmine McCulloch (Reuben), Eva Henkelman (Aspen), Oliver Campbell (Pepper), Kristina Campbell (Boca); 3 Nithsdale Green - Caitlin Nairn (Rindy), Izzy Duncan (Jilly), Lara Barnes (Cleo), Kyle Scott (Butterfly); 4 Dancing Ponies - Erin Jamieson (Paris), Laura Donnan (Ginger), Megan McIllwraith (Molly), Kate McDonald (Maddie); 5 Team Newbridge - Olivia Sneddon (Zorro), Ruby Skimming (Bumble), Elizabeth Dickson (Boston), Jodie Currie (Iris); 6 Lochhill Lightning - Cathra Irving (Lochhill Heidi), Nadia Powell (Smokey), Hannah Middlemas (Lochhill Hayley), Isla Dacre (Lochhill Fiona).
Mark Watson, 43, and Lorraine Donnan, 40, didn't take the 11-week-old tot to hospital until the day after the performance because they had "spent a lot of money on tickets".
Shawn Donnan, writing for Financial Times, called the decisions "the biggest shake-up of its agenda in a generation," adding "It also marked a victory for the US and EU, who alongside other developed economies have argued that clinging to the long-stalled Doha negotiations was making the institution irrelevant in a changing global economy." Developed countries committed to ending subsidies immediately; developing nations, including China and India, committed to ending them in 2018.
02REPORTS were coming in that Sergeant George A Donnan of the 6th Kings' Liverpool Regiment had been killed in action in late March in Ypres.
economics editor; Shawn Donnan, world trade editor; Gina Chon, U.S.
THARSUS GROUP has appointed experienced accountant Michelle Donnan as its head of finance and company secretary.
James Donnan, general manager at the National Express Foundation, said: "While higher education is a proven investment over the long term, fear of student debt can deter capable students from pursuing their dreams and we hope these grants will go some way towards helping these talented students to achieve their goals."