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Alfred, French physician, 1801-1878. See: Donné corpuscle.
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In the majority of reported cases of medical or genetic termination of pregnancy, women and their spouses have indicated that they would choose to have an abortion again under the same circumstances (Blumberg et al., 1975; Donnai et al., 1981).
Successful mothering seems a question of donner a boire: in contrast with the narrator's inability to feed her son milk (65), her mother is abundantly nourishing: "Je lui donnai a boire a boire a boire dit ma mere, et elle continue.
The work of Molly Roddis and Heather Donnai is on show at the Jane Powell art studio in High Street, Kenilworth, until November 23.
For both women and their partners, post-abortion distress following an abortion for a genetic indication may be partly attributable to the initial wantedness and intendedness of the pregnancy, particularly since genetic fetal anomalies are not usually detected until the second trimester (Donnai et al., 1981) and wantedness has been found to increase over the course of pregnancy (Miller, 1992).
Other works to admire are huge pastel pictures of big cats by Terry Merrick, watercolours by Heather Donnai of Solihull and pictures by well- known Sarais Crawshaw who lives near Rugby.
Je me rappellerais encore l'expression que je donnai aux sentimens du fils et de la mere.
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