Donders, Franz C.

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Franz C., Dutch ophthalmologist, 1818-1889.
Donders glaucoma - obsolete term for open-angle glaucoma.
Donders law - rotation of the eyeball is determined by the distance of an object from the median plane and the line of the horizon.
Donders pressure - an increase of about 6 mmHg shown by a manometer connected with the trachea when the thorax of the corpse is opened, caused by the collapse of the lungs when air is admitted to the thorax.
Donders rings - an obsolete term for the iridescent rings or halos observed in a cloudy cornea due to acute glaucoma.
space of Donders - the space between the dorsum of the tongue and the hard palate when the mandible is in rest position following the expiratory cycle of respiration.
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