Franz C., Dutch ophthalmologist, 1818-1889. See: Donders law, Donders pressure, space of Donders.
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It runs: -- Vondervotteimittis -- Vonder, lege Donder -- Votteimittis, quasi und Bleitziz- Bleitziz obsol: -- pro Blitzen.
Donders (Orbis, 165 pages, paperback), to a local pastor whose daily homilies I often appreciate.
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For the implementation of the project, I will spend 2 years at the University of California at Berkeley, USA, to gain experience with the highly specialized analysis techniques necessary for the analysis of ECoG measures, and work at the Donders Institute at the Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands, during the third year.
Donders Center for Cognitive Neuroimaging in The Netherlands.
The subtraction technique that has dominated these studies has a long history in psychology, having been pioneered by Donders and used most creatively by Posner in his earlier reaction-time studies.
Karen Donders & Caroline Pauwels), PSB Policymaking in Comparative Perspective.
Donders, formerly chairman of the Department of Philosophy, University of Nairobi, is presently Chair of Mission and Crosscultural Studies, Washington Theological Union, Washington, D.
Donders, from the Netherlands, is Chair of Mission and Cross-cultural Studies, Washington Theological Union.
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Rachel Donders, another Dutch woman, was the first international president (1949-61) of the Grail.
Wiesand, Kalliopi Chainoglou, Anna Sledzinska-Simon, and Yvonne Donders