Franz C., Dutch ophthalmologist, 1818-1889. See: Donders law, Donders pressure, space of Donders.
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-- It runs: -- Vondervotteimittis -- Vonder, lege Donder -- Votteimittis, quasi und Bleitziz- Bleitziz obsol: -- pro Blitzen." This derivative, to say the truth, is still countenanced by some traces of the electric fluid evident on the summit of the steeple of the House of the Town-Council.
Asli Ozyurek is director of Multimodal Language and Cognition lab at the Center for Language Studies, board member of Language in Interaction Gravitation Consortium and Donders Center for Cognition, Brain and Behaviour of Radboud University.
He was succeeded by Fr Joseph Donders, who taught philosophy at the UoN while doubling up as the Catholic chaplain of the same institution.
Justamente un grupo de investigadores del Donders Centre for Cognition de los Paises Bajos decidio adentrarse en los mecanismos cerebrales de la especie humana y, por medio de resonancia magnetica funcional, medir la actividad electrica en sus neuronas, las estructuras y circuitos neuronales que se ponen en marcha, en el momento en que Messi toma una decision.
After the signing, the signatories toured the recently opened facilities of the Humanitarian Hub in the company of CLRAH executive director, Carlos Gmez; and the General Director of the National System of Civil Protection (SINAPROC), Jos Donders. During their visit to CLRAH, they had the opportunity to visit the wineries of the users of the Center: the SINAPROC, the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD), operated by the World Food Program (WFP); and the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC).
[6] Franciscus Cornelis Donders was first to systematically measure human RT using a telegraph-like device discovered by Charles Wheatstone.
Kroes, of the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour at Radboud University in Nijmegen, wrote in a 2013 study published in Science Direct.
Various studies show that European documentaries are remarkably dependent on public broadcasting (Debrett, 2007; Livemont, Donders, & Pauwels, 2017; Sorensen, 2014; Vinuela, 2018; Zoellner, 2009), which has also become increasingly under pressure.
Te Brake L, Dian S, Ganiem AR, Ruesen C, Burger D, Donders R et al.
Por estos motivos, el presente trabajo se propuso disenar -en base al paradigma Go/nogo (Donders, 1969) ver apartado Materiales- e implementar una actividad de entrenamiento de la IR en ninos de 6 y 7 anos de edad.