Franz C., Dutch ophthalmologist, 1818-1889. See: Donders law, Donders pressure, space of Donders.
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Rachel Donders, another Dutch woman, was the first international president (1949-61) of the Grail.
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Papers published before the year 2000 were excluded on the basis that AV was an observed but uncategorized condition in 2000 with the diagnostic criteria for AV only formally proposed in 2002 by Donders et al (6).
An experiment by Matthias Ekman and fellow researchers from Radboud University's Donders Institute shows that the primary visual cortex, the main visual area of our brain, is not only involved in perceiving the car, but also in predicting its future locations.
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A fin de comprender la naturaleza compleja del objeto de estudio propuesto, y la pertinencia de la metodologia elegida, es preciso efectuar con antelacion una serie de aclaraciones relacionadas con las fuentes y actores mencionados siguiendo la explicacion que da de si misma la propia UE (CE, 2014) y Donders, Loisen y Pauwels (2014).
That consistency indicates that the memories were stronger, Eelco van Dongen of the Donders Institute in the Netherlands and colleagues propose.
DONDERS discusses how the application of so-called State aid (subsidies, tax exemptions, etc.