Donath-Landsteiner cold autoantibody

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Do·nath-Land·stei·ner cold au·to·an·ti·bod·y

(dō'naht lahnd'stī-nĕr),
an autoantibody of the IgG class responsible for paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria; it is adsorbed to erythrocytes only at temperatures of 20°C or lower, causing the erythrocytes to lyse in the presence of complement at higher temperatures; it has a specificity within the blood group P; it is also occasionally present for short periods of time following measles and other infections, and formerly was frequently associated with syphilis.
Synonym(s): cold hemolysin
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Julius, German physician, 1870-1950.
Donath-Landsteiner cold autoantibody - an autoantibody of the IgG class responsible for paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria. Synonym(s): cold hemolysin
Donath-Landsteiner phenomenon - the hemolysis which results in a sample of blood of a subject of paroxysmal hemoglobinuria when the sample is cooled to around 5°C and then warmed again.
Landsteiner-Donath test


Karl, Austrian-U.S. pathologist and Nobel laureate, 1868-1943.
Donath-Landsteiner cold autoantibody - see under Donath
Donath-Landsteiner phenomenon - see under Donath
Landsteiner-Donath test
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