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Rob Donath, Chief Executive of Fry Housing Trust, said: "If we are going to reduce repeat incidents of domestic violence in Sandwell then it's vital that we break the cycle of offending and place a focus on getting these people into perpetrator programmes.
Milestone is the global industry leader in video management software and therefore the ideal business partner for our physical security unit," says Klaus Donath, Senior Director Value Business DACH, Ingram Micro.
Judith Donath, a fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, foresees chronic mass unemployment with the wealthy living in ''walled cities, with robots providing the labor.
The addition of specialists Ina Donath and Helen Demetrious, who formed a partnership while at NYCRS, will augment the formation of the new department.
Donath (2004) discusses various techniques for qualitatively analyzing email archives, including (1) semantic analysis of the topic and text of an email, (2) affective analysis to detect the personality of the sender and receiver of an email, and (3) social analysis, which attempts to gather the structure of the relationship between the sender and receiver based on the tone of the message.
For example, Donath and Thurow (2007) have suggested an integrated building information system, combined with a digitally supported survey solution for architectural surveying.
Professor Christian Donath of the American University in Cairo.
A study by Donath and Amir (2003) observed that among 10,548 women from the United Kingdom, maternal prenatal intention to breastfeed predicted breastfeeding duration for six months and was a stronger predictor than all collected demographic factors combined.
Tania Cenvantes, daughter of Manuel Cervantes, Insituform Technologies; Ian Johnecheck, son of Steven Johnecheck, BRH Garver Construction; Alexander and Lana Donath, children of Robert Donath, PM Construction; and Kyle Serres son of Shelley Serres, Lockwood Andrews & Newnam.
Donath and his team performed additional studies with animal models of T1D.
Take, for example, garbage collection," Donath said.
Koh, Manias, Hutchinson, Donath and Johnson (2008) stated: ".