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medically necessary

Managed care adjective Referring to a covered service or treatment that is absolutely necessary to protect and enhance the health status of a Pt, and could adversely affect the Pt's condition if omitted, in accordance with accepted standards of medical practice. See Futility.
Medically necessary, criteria  
a. Appropriate for the Sx and diagnosis or treatment of a condition, illness or injury
b. Provided for the diagnosis or the direct care and treatment of the condition, illness or injury
c. In accordance with the standards of good medical practice in the service area
d. Not primarily for the convenience of a plan member or a plan provider
e. The most appropriate level or type of service or supply which can safely be provided to the plan member
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Patient discussion about d.

Q. Should I give my baby girl vitamin D? I have a 4 month old baby girl. I have been reading that it is advised to give babies vitamin D. Is this true?

A. Yes, it is advised to give babies a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D deficiency (not having enough) can be prevented by giving babies a daily supplement (drops) of vitamin D.
Babies need vitamin D for healthy growth and development. It helps them build strong, healthy bones and teeth.
Babies who don’t get enough vitamin D are at risk of getting rickets, a disease that affects the way bones grow and develop. Vitamin D can also help prevent certain illnesses in childhood or later in life.

Q. What food are rich with vitamin D? My son is 4 years old and the Doctor said he has vitamin D deficiency and advised me to give him a vitamin D supplement. I don't like the idea of giving him medicine, can't I just give him food which is rich with vitamin D and if so which foods are rich with vitamin D?

A. The best way to get vitamin D, the way that our bodies were designed to get the vast majority of our vitamin D, is from modest sun exposure. Going outside regularly will help your son to generate adequate amounts of vitamin D. Therefore, on top of the medicine the Doctor prescribed, have him go outside in the sun everyday for about 20 minutes. (Keep in mind that there is a concern of sunburn and increased risk of skin cancer with too much sun exposure, however.)

Q. does vitamin d reduce the risk of breast cancer

A. Vitamin D is not proven to reduce the risk for breast cancer. Its biological effect is helping the calcium that we consume to being built in the bones, thus helping to increase bone mass and help against osteoporosis.

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