Domino Theory

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A hypothetical explanation of cell duplication that holds that the daughter of a somatic division is the result of a series of linear metabolic pathways in which the initiation of a new pathway hinges on completion of a previous pathway
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Thus without shepherds or even a napalm star, the domino theory was born in a humble State Department manger.
Those of us who remember the Vietnam War recall "the domino theory.
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While applicable to both conflicts, the domino theory became firmly linked to the Vietnam War and to the perception that the exaggeration of this theory, had contributed greatly to the disaster in Vietnam.
BBC correspondent Fernando Ravsberg dismissed any possibility of such a domino theory hitting Cuba, noting that the island's dissidents were absolutely incapable of achieving significant mass mobilization (a view fully shared by the U.
The theory at the time was called the domino theory whereby Henry Kissinger argued that if you did not stop communist at Hanoi then the influence of China would dominate the region and state after state would go red.
Davutoglu's domino theory deserves careful attention from Barack Obama's team as it thinks about Middle East strategy.
The domino theory takes over when the head of the chain, the house owner in this case, defaults on repayments; thousands did in the US when oil hit $100 a barrel and unemployment went up from four to five per cent.
I joined the guard for two reasons: First, I did not want to murder innocent Vietnamese civilians and justify it with a bogus domino theory, even though I was told I would be "winning the minds and hearts" of the people by killing men, women and children.
There's a whole domino theory when you kill someone.
At that time American politicians believed in the domino theory and that if South Vietnam fell to the communists, the whole of south east Asia would follow.
The equestrian homeowners agree they fear the domino theory, that if one parcel of vacant land is allowed a more-dense use, then other vacant parcels surrounding them in Chatsworth will be granted the same someday.