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In fact, analyses of rabbits in laboratories and koalas in confinement have yielded similar outcomes to those of domesticated cattle. Asked why this may be, Phillips replied, "A lot of animals in stressful conditions display this behavior.
It is an ironic twist that "the marine equivalent of domesticated cattle" will soon be fattened by a cattlefeed outfit.
Early domesticated cattle, like their wild aurochs ancestors-cum-brethren, had enormous horns with sharp tips, and barns weren't very refined.
Marigaon (Assam), Jan.2 (ANI): The one-horned rhinoceros of Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam's Marigaon district are under constant threat of fatal diseases from the huge number of domesticated cattle grazing in the fields of the sanctuary.
Such straying off their usual habitat not only expose them to diseases from domesticated cattle but also become easy targets for poachers.
The ancient rock art tells its story: very early images depict humans and wild animals such as ostriches and giraffes, while later images show domesticated cattle. More recent depictions of camel trains are thought to have been drawn by nomads just a few hundred years ago; BELOW: loading cars, Libyan Desert, 1932.
The new data challenge the mainstream idea, based on earlier genetic and archaeological evidence, that herding and farming groups in southeastern Turkey or adjacent Near Eastern regions domesticated cattle perhaps 11,000 years ago.
Remains of domesticated cattle dating to 6,500 years B.C.
These ancient farmers brought along domesticated cattle and pigs.
The research revealed the history of European cattle, with domesticated cattle moving sequentially through Turkey, the Balkans and Italy, then spreading through Central Europe and France, and ending in Britain.