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word element [Gr.], strange; foreign.
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In system operating environment, only DTSTM RT, system domain Dom0 exchange data with other user domains, and following formula can be obtained:
LibVMI runs in Dom0 and accesses the original data of memory of user domain through XenControl.
MA module in Dom0 makes use of VMI to acquire the memory data of DomU through following six steps:
3) VMM maps the kernel page directory (KPD) to the memory space of Dom0 and makes use of KPD to find the correct page table (PT);
4) VMM maps PT to the memory space of Dom0 and finds the correct address of data page in PT;
5) VMM maps the data page to the memory address space of Dom0 and returns it to the LibVMI library;
For technical reasons traffic filtering between the production network and V-isoNet must be implemented by the VMM therefore this service will be provided by dom0, namely the 'v-isonet' server.
The v-services server was created as a VM and as with dom0 the latest Debian linux distribution installed.