Doll Face

A face with chubby cheeks and prominent chin, typical of von Gierke’s disease or glycogen storage disease, type Ia; other findings include growth retardation, hepatomegaly, enlarged kidneys
Lab Hypoglycemia, lactic acidosis, increased uric acid, hyperlipidemia
Prognosis Good
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It's part of a 10th anniversary tour celebrating their debut album 'Baby Darling Doll Face Honey', which will see them perform it in full.
Contour beadwork tells us the age, smiling painted baby doll face communicates the joy it once held.
On the wall, and throughout the new BeautyIRL stores, are new brands like StoryBook, Zoella, Karity, Zum, Doll Face and other indie brands that have been introduced across the national footprint like Peri Pera, Creme Shoppe and Wunder2.
Dani told her off for referring to him as "doll face" and went against her various other nicknames, which included "honey pie" and "boo boo face."
They then find a doll face down and a crew member gets hit by a glass bottle as they make their way through the rest of the house.
At the age of 10 months, she showed frontal bossing, doll face, acromicria, and truncal obesity (Figure 1(a)).
The Vaseline Lulu Guinness Limited Edition Lip Therapy Tin features the designer's adorable winking doll face design and is just PS2.99 from Boots (
Her doll face contorts with disappointment in me (You allowed this to
WITH her doll face and gazelle-like limbs, it doesn't take much for British model/actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to grab our attention.
She's looking at herself, checking out her immovable doll face from various angles, but she's also testing the mirror's possibilities.
I am happy to announce the initial Discover Beauty line-up for 2014: Coastal Salt & Soul, Doll Face Beauty, Drunk Elephant, Indie Lee, Karora Cosmetics, LightStim, Ma-nuka Doctor, MD Solar Sciences, Monteil, Qiriness, Skin Nutrition, Skin &Co Roma and True Isaac Mizrahi.