Karl G.P., German histologist and pathologist, 1855-1928. See: Döhle bodies, Döhle inclusions.
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Markus Dohle, CEO of Penguin Random House, also opened up about Obama's book and said that it will be different from the usual first-lady memoirs that have been written in the past.
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In addition, Dohle (2013) highlighted variables such as perceived quality of media content, a newspaper's ranking, or generalized attitudes toward the media as intervening factors (Dohle, 2013).
El falso positivo puede ocurrir en situaciones en las que se observen granulaciones en neutrofilos, cuerpos de Dohle, plaquetas sobrepuestas o particulas contaminantes [51]; (2) su interpretacion depende de la calidad del frotis preparado.
One hundred neutrophils were further examined for degenerative changes such as toxic granulations, Dohle bodies and vacuolisations.
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The Chinese market is MTU's third largest and the company will build the assembly line and establish a quality assurance system, said Ulrich Dohle, CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG.
This top-end domination was spectacularly reinforced in July 2013 with the merger of Penguin and Random House, 'the two largest consumer book publishers in the world', two 'trophy brands' according to new chief executive officer (CEO), Markus Dohle (Publishers Weekly, 2013), coming together to form
La detencion ocurrio tres dias despues de que el diario The New York Times recriminara al gobierno mexicano por la desaparicion de los 43 muchachos de Ayotzinapa y varios pecados mas, entre otros la dohle fuga de Guzman Loera de sendas carceles federales.
Sold under the "Welsh Butcher" brand, Welsh Lamb is initially being given a trial run at the store, which is owned by the Dohle Group.