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A tree used by Native Americans as antipyretic and laxative, and by Western herbalists as an appetite stimulant, and to treat renal and hepatic disease
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Try Cornus sericea 'Flaviramea' - golden-twig dogwood - for its continuously vibrant sunshine yellow stems.
"Self-Portrait with Dogwood" is no ordinary memoir, but rather the work of a traveler who has crisscrossed the country and the globe in search of ways to make sense of his time here.
"There are many things to consider, including temperature range and insect pests to which particular dogwood candidates may be susceptible," says Olsen.
The hybrid sibirica is possibly the best dogwood for red stems.
SET your winter garden alight with the glorious rich orange, red and yellow stems of the dogwood, Cornus Midwinter Fire.
OR send your cheques/POs, made payable to Eastfields Nursery, to People Dogwoods Offer, Eastfields Nursery, Rookery Farm, Holbeach St Johns, Spalding PE12 8SG.
A new species of dogwood discovered in North Carolina has been named in honor of native son and artist Bob Timberlake, a life member of AMERICAN FORESTS.
Dogwood blossoms, intermingled with redbud sprays, have long characterized the hillsides and woodlands of central Mississippi come spring, but no dogwood yet seen in the country, some think, can compare with the aging wonder of a specimen that still blooms on an old residential street near downtown Magee.
Instead of a kousa dogwood, stick with the native white (ok, ok, red and pink are good too ...) dogwoods that grow so well in our part of the Blue Ridge.
INFO: Look for wild dogwoods while heading west on State 20 toward Nevada City from I-80 at Emigrant Gap.
Be careful not to injure the bark it provides an easy entry point for dogwood borer larvae.
Dogwoods allowed to grow naturally will generally produce spectacular, long-lasting bracts, though some, such as Cornus controversa variegata are distinguished for their elegant, layered shape and leaves , cream-edged in this species.