Dogwood Tree

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A deciduous shrub native to eastern Asia, the fruit of which is astringent, diaphoretic, tonic, nutrient, hemostatic, and may also be antihypertensive and diuretic
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He was inspired to purchase a lovely flowering dogwood tree to honor this beloved Army nurse heroine.
We were able to correlate this find with trade levels of the chincodine molecule in dogwood trees around Valdosta.
Dogwood trees frequently bloom at Eastertime, and the branches are sometimes used in flower arrangements.
Bigelow Nurseries recently donated a flowering dogwood tree to Boylston as part of a Massachusetts Landscapers Association replanting and beautification program.
A small dogwood tree and plaque near the federal building plaza memorializes the Oklahoma City victims.
The gardens were a riot of azaleas in salmon pink, scarlet and magenta and most gardens had a dogwood tree covered in blossom of pink or white carried on elegant black branches.
But an old favorite, the dogwood tree, has also benefited from the sleuthing of SBML.
I know of a lady -- who shall remain nameless for her protection -- who bought and planted a dogwood tree, even though she was told it was the wrong time, they had lost several young ones over the years, etc.
He figures he has about 200 square feet, which includes a small grassed area with a dying dogwood tree in the middle and raised beds around it and the edge of his lawn--on cement.
I have checked several references, and find that the earliest age at which you can expect flowers on a dogwood tree (Cornus florida) is usually about 6 years.
And a lone dogwood tree seemingly shivers along the south bank.
They kept the trunk of a dogwood tree that died a few years ago, decorating it with containers of rose moss and little, lifelike ceramic birds.