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A family of the Carnivora including the dogs, coyotes, wolves, and foxes.
[L. canis, dog]
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They are sometimes called "canine teeth" because they have a single sharp point like those in animals of the dog family.
The red fox has developed several distinctive hunting behaviors, many of which more resemble cats than other members of the dog family. Foxes do not usually pursue their prey like wolves and coyotes, but stalk it like cats.
The longest and most amusing chapter focuses on Dog introducing Wolf to a book --about dog family trees.
4 Which is the largest wild member of the dog family? 5 In language, which American term means to cross the road or walk in the road without regard for traffic?
This was even though the coyotes exist in high population densities and have plenty of food to eat, which are conditions that often lead other dog family members, such as some fox species, to stray from their normal monogamy--to cat around, as it were.
"Rabies is transmitted mainly by members of the dog family including wolves, jackals and hyenas but in some literature, domestic animals such as cats and cows have also been responsible.
"The Sea Dog family is thrilled to continue growing the franchise in Massachusetts with our third opening in the past year," said lead investor Aaron Sells.
25) Which is the only member of the wild dog family to live in Britain?