dog bite

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The clamping of skin and subjacent soft tissues between the upper and lower mandible of a canine, which may cause puncture wounds, lacerations, cause infections, act as a disease vector or even cause death

dog bite

Public health The clamping of skin and subjacent soft tissues between the upper and lower mandible of a canine, which may cause infections, acting as a disease vector or even death. See Dog.

dog bite

A laceration or puncture wound made by the teeth of a dog. The dog should be observed for 10 days to determine the presence of rabies. See: Capnocytophaga canimorsus; rabies


The wound must be cleansed thoroughly. It should be washed vigorously with soap and water for at least 10 min to remove saliva. Flushing with a viricidal agent should be followed with a clear rinse. Bleeding, unless it is massive, should not be stopped because blood flow helps to cleanse the wound. Routine tetanus prophylaxis should be provided and information obtained about the animal, its location, and its owner. These data should be included in a report to public health authorities. Appropriate antirabies therapy must be initiated if the animal is known to have rabies.

See also: bite


1. seizure with the teeth.
2. a wound or puncture made by a living organism.
3. the position of upper and lower teeth in relation to each other when the mouth is closed. See also biting.

animal bite
trauma caused by teeth and usually heavily contaminated with microorganisms. In countries where rabies is present the additional consideration is to ensure that the biter is not rabid, or if there is uncertainty to decide on whether postbite treatment or vaccination would be desirable. See also cat-bite abscess, cat-scratch disease, fighting.
dog bite
see animal bite (above).
insect bite
depending on the nature of the insect and the site, the tissue response may be minimal to extensive, particularly when a hypersensitivity reaction is involved. Pruritus is also variable.
open bite
upper and lower incisors fail to meet when the mouth is closed.
overshot bite
pincer bite
upper and lower incisors make contact on their edges rather than overlapping when the mouth is closed.
reverse scissor bite
the labial surface of the lower incisors makes contact with the lingual surface of the upper incisors when the mouth is closed. Called also anterior crossbite.
scissor bite
the lingual surface of the upper incisors contacts the labial surface of the lower incisors when the mouth is closed. Generally, a normal bite in carnivores.
bite wound
it is often necessary to diagnose that a wound has in fact been caused by a bite. This may be aided by observation of typical puncture wounds, perhaps with extravasations of blood in the subcutaneous tissues, by parallel rake marks, by a matching pair of wounds made by the upper and lower jaws of the biter.

Patient discussion about dog bite

Q. i have been bitten by a dog recently , and i wanted to know what should i do and what is the recommended treatment ?

A. go see your doctor asap,also find out if the dog had its rabies shot,most of importantly GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR NOW.

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