dog bite

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The clamping of skin and subjacent soft tissues between the upper and lower mandible of a canine, which may cause puncture wounds, lacerations, cause infections, act as a disease vector or even cause death

dog bite

Public health The clamping of skin and subjacent soft tissues between the upper and lower mandible of a canine, which may cause infections, acting as a disease vector or even death. See Dog.

dog bite

A laceration or puncture wound made by the teeth of a dog. The dog should be observed for 10 days to determine the presence of rabies. See: Capnocytophaga canimorsus; rabies


The wound must be cleansed thoroughly. It should be washed vigorously with soap and water for at least 10 min to remove saliva. Flushing with a viricidal agent should be followed with a clear rinse. Bleeding, unless it is massive, should not be stopped because blood flow helps to cleanse the wound. Routine tetanus prophylaxis should be provided and information obtained about the animal, its location, and its owner. These data should be included in a report to public health authorities. Appropriate antirabies therapy must be initiated if the animal is known to have rabies.

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Patient discussion about dog bite

Q. i have been bitten by a dog recently , and i wanted to know what should i do and what is the recommended treatment ?

A. go see your doctor asap,also find out if the dog had its rabies shot,most of importantly GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR NOW.

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In the aftermath of a high-profile dog attack, questions are asked about the suitability of certain breeds and what can be done to reduce risk.
DOG attacks on livestock in the countryside remain a major concern for farmers across Wales and to help the industry raise awareness of the problems arising from irresponsible dog ownership, the Farmers' Union of Wales is handing out free gatepost warning signs at the Royal Welsh Show.
The signs are part of the FUW's campaign Your Dog, Your Responsibility, which aims not only to highlight the devastation caused by dog attacks on livestock, but also the serious diseases that can be spread from dogs to cattle when owners do not clean up after their dog.
In February, the mother of a child who died in a savage dog attack blasted the committee for failing to take action in preventing such incidents from reoccuring.
Fatal dog attacks inflicted by rescued or rehomed dogs also surged in 2018, accounting for 19% (7) of all deaths; 57% (4) of these dogs were vetted by an animal shelter prior to adoption.
The investigator added: "No policy I have seen concerning dangerous dogs offers contingencies for stopping a dog attack that is in progress.
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DOG attacks have left more than 55,000 Scots needing hospital treatment in the past 10 years.
This week, it was revealed that dog attacks are more common on Merseyside than anywhere else in the country, with 322 victims seeking medical help in 2014/2015.