Albert, S.G., German obstetrician, 1860-1941. See: Döderlein bacillus.
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The German gynecologist Albert Doderlein first described the lactic-acid-producing lactobacilli from healthy vaginas in 1882.
In 1892, Albert Doderlein, a German obstetrician and gynecologist considered one of the founders of gynecological bacteriology, first described a Gram-positive vaginal bacillus (Doderlein's bacillus) occurring in normal vaginal secretions of asymptomatic pregnant women, which was later renamed Lactobacillus.
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Last Pap smear (October 2016) reported mild inflammation and Doderlein's cytolysis.
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Family Equidae Gray, 1821 Subfamily Equinae Steinmann and Doderlein, 1890 Genus Sivalhippus (Lydekker 1877) Sivalhippus nagriensis (Hussain, 1971) Synonymy Hipparion nagriensis Hussain, 1971 Hipparion theobaldi nagriensis Zhegallo, 1978 Cormohipparion cf.
Table no.7 shows that there was nearly significant decrease in doderlein bacilli (p=0.052) and significant increase in gram positive cocci (p=0.044) and pus cells (p=0.004) in study subjects than control subjects.
As far as it is known, the only reported case of an apogonid displaying evident temporary color change during breeding behaviors is Apogonichthy-aides Inger (Doderlein 1883).
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